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Lonzo Ball’s Scoring Ability

I believe that Lonzo Ball’s scoring ability will be what determines he’s ceiling in the NBA. He’s such a gifted passer and playmaker that he simply needs to be a threat that the defense has to respect. In this video, I take a look at where he is as a scorer, and what he needs to work on to maximize his ability.

Lonzo Ball Summer League Passing Compilation

Lonzo Ball Lakers Summer League Passing Compilation from Laker Film Room on Vimeo.


Lonzo Ball was named MVP of the 2017 Las Vegas Summer League, leading the Lakers to the championship behind a dominant performance that permeated the team’s style of play. In this video, I take a look at all of the passes that Ball made that created an advantage. Not just assists, but hockey assists, free throw assists, and potential assists where he created a good look but the shooter missed the shot.