LFR Roundtable: Rest of the Season & Beyond

By: LFR Team

The LFR Team answers a few questions regarding Russell and Randle’s waning effort levels, what they’d change about the Front Office, and how the Lakers should approach the Free Agent class of 2017.

Ivica Zubac Scouting Report, 1/30/17

@Laker Film Room on YouTube.

Ivica Zubac has taken significant steps forward over the course of the season. In this video, Pete Zayas takes a deep dive into what elements of his game have helped him emerge, and where he still needs to improve. 

Lies, Damned Lies, and Brandon Ingram’s Advanced Statistics

By: VP Sinha (@shaqpropogation)

What advanced stats tell us about Brandon Ingram – and what Brandon Ingram tells us about advanced stats.Despite the debacle in Dallas, Lakers’ prized rookie Brandon Ingram has had a very nice January, now showing consistent flashes expected from the #2 overall pick.

Larry Nance, Jr. Has Been Sorely Missed

By: Pete Zayas (@lakerfilmroom)

At best, the term “role player” is a backhanded compliment, and at worst, it’s an outright insult. It implies that a player may contribute, but only in ancillary ways that aren’t as impactful as what the main characters bring to the table. That delineation is almost invariably determined by scoring ability. Yet, in a sport where the average game has slightly less than 200 possessions, evenly distributed between offense and defense, players without the knack for putting the ball in the hoop on a regular basis can still have a significant impact. Larry Nance, Jr. is one of those players. . .

Ivica Zubac Has Elite Potential in the Pick & Roll

By: Pete Zayas (@lakerfilmroom)

Ivica Zubac continued his transformation from lovable prospect that was more meme than man, into a legitimate 2-way player making critical contributions during a frenzied comeback in a 127-121 loss against the Denver Nuggets on Tuesday night. Zubac turned in one of the best pick and roll performances of any Laker this season, with an impressive display of skill and technique. . .

The Long Road Toward A Respectable Lakers Defense

By: Chuck Lee (@FiendishOC)

It’s hard to believe now, but from the first day of training camp, the Lakers defense was a main priority of the coaching staff. For much of those early practices, they ran shell drills and spent hours going over defensive concepts in the film room. Coach Luke Walton even expressed optimism that they would “become a good defensive team.” So what the heck happened?

Game Preview: Knicks vs. Lakers – 2/6/ 17

By: John Lu

Game Preview: Wizards vs. Lakers – 2/2/17

By: John Lu

Game Preview: Nuggets vs. Lakers – 1/31/17

By: Austin Isaacsohn

Game Preview: Jazz vs. Lakers – 1/26/17

By: Michael Taylor (@LFRMBT)




Game Preview: Blazers vs. Lakers – 1/25/17

By: Austin Isaacsohn

The Quest to Halt the Blazer’s 10-game Winning Streak Against the Lakers

Game Preview: Mavericks vs. Lakers – 1/22/17

By: Michael Taylor

Deng & Nance Jr. Ready to Return Against Dallas

Game Preview: Pacers vs Lakers – 1/20/17

By: Michael Taylor

Lakers Look to Avenge Early-Season Loss Against Indiana


Game Preview: Nuggets vs. Lakers, 1/17/17

by Michael Taylor


p style=”text-align: center;”>The Denver Nuggets will be a nice measuring stick for the Lakers.