Pete Zayas, Editor-in-Chief – Pete is a former High School/AAU coach and life long Laker fan who decided to start Laker Film Room on a whim, and is very surprised and grateful that others have joined him for this crazy ride. He produces LFR’s video content, dabbles in writing, and co-hosts the Laker Film Room Podcast with Darius Soriano of Forum Blue & Gold.

Twitter: @LakerFilmRoom  

Favorite Obscure Laker: Pig Miller


mario-morganMario Morgan, Director of Scouting Services – Mario heads the Scouting Services portion of the site, where we break down film for High School, AAU, and College programs across the country. As an AAU coach himself, he enjoys helping young players reach their full potential. In his free time, Mario enjoys being an absolutely insufferable Ohio State…excuse me…THE Ohio State Buckeyes fan.

Twitter:  @Mario_Morgan

Favorite Obscure Laker: I’m leaving & taking Slava w/me!



Chuck LeeChuck Lee, Writer – Chuck Lee may or may not be a pseudonym for someone who is so damn important that we can’t even use his real name. But he’s the best X’s & O’s guy that we know, so we put up with him. About once per month, he’ll release a deep dive into what the Lakers are doing from a schematic perspective.

Twitter:  @FiendishOC

Favorite Obscure Laker: Sedale Threatt




vp-sinhaVP Sinha, Writer – VP is a crazy talented stats guy who either understands the math behind BPM, RPM, etc, or at least has us convinced that he does. We don’t know for sure, our eyes kind of glazed over halfway through. His job at Laker Film Room is to help intertwine data with the film work in a cohesive manner.

Twitter: @shaqpropagation  

Favorite Obscure Laker: Laron Profit





michael-taylorMichael Taylor, Writer
– As a 19 year old with elite measurables and a promising skill set, Michael is Laker Film Room’s 1st round draft pick. Much like Luke Walton with Brandon Ingram, we think that the best thing for Michael’s development is a lot of hands on experience, producing Game Previews, Post-Game Reports, and various other articles for us.

Twitter:  @LFRMBT

Favorite Obscure Laker: Adam Morrison