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Game Preview: Nuggets vs. Lakers – 1/17/17


The Denver Nuggets will be a nice measuring stick for the Lakers.

Denver also boasts an intriguing collection of young talent in Emmanuel Mudiay, Gary Harris, Jamal Murray, and Nikola Jokic. They’re 2nd in the NBA in rebounding and average 15.2 Second Chance PPG, so the Lakers will need a strong collective effort to keep Denver off the glass. The Lakers should do their best to limit Nikola Jokic’s passing angles and attack Denver’s guards in the pick and roll.

Jokic Facilitating From the Top of the Key


Denver’s best passer isn’t Emmanuel Mudiay – it’s Nikola Jokic, who is second on the team with a 23.9 AST%. The Nuggets take advantage of Jokic’s savvy passing by running a high number of Iverson sets. Watch Gary Harris start out at the bottom of the screen — he’s running an Iverson cut where he cuts across the court, parallel to the free throw line.

Why it Worked: The play begins with Mudiay at the top, followed by a stagger screen by Jokic and Chandler. As Harris makes the Iverson cut, Jokic gets the ball at the three-point line and Danilo Gallinari moves from the weak side to fill Harris’s original spot, clearing out space for Harris to cut unimpeded to the basket. Harris then curls backdoor around the 2nd screen by Chandler and Jokic throws a perfect pass for an easy alley oop. Continue Reading